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ILIV as a brand has a holistic approach to environment. We propagate water saving and balanced water by incorporating these approaches in our products. iLIV has originated as a result of a deep sense of responsibility and consciousness towards conserving water that the parent group KNS has harboured for decades. It's a 'MAKE IN INDIA' initiative that aims to sort out the RO related water crisis in the country.

KNS Group

KNS Group

The KNS GROUP, established in 1975 is a family owned business, founded by Mr. Rajinder Taneja and Mr. Surinder Taneja which is named after their father Late. Shri Kedar Nath Taneja. We have emerged from Imports and distribution of Polymers to becoming the giants in the manufacturing of the same in Delhi. Taking the legacy forward our 2nd generation came together to expand and give KNS a new direction. KNS Group evolved to be one of the largest player in the Plastic Industry, which is why the KNS Group is primed to continue taking the world of quality products to the next level in the form of HDPE Fabric.

In the Year 2005 the Group diversified into Pharmaceutical Division by the name of Abaris Healthcare in Gujarat. Abaris Healthcare also started manufacturing IV fluids and has now introduced 12 new formulations including third generation antibiotics and cough syrups.

FASTRACK FILTRATION PRIVATE LIMITED is a division of FASTRACK DEALCOMM PVT. LTD. (ESTD 2013) which runs under the parent company; KNS Group, established in 1975. It is an ISO Certified 9001:2008 company that manufactures quality HDPE Tarpaulin and LDPE multi-layer film under the brand name Fastrack Polyfab.

Fastrack Filtration (a division of Fastrack Dealcomm Private Limited) formed in 2015, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of water-related spare parts in India. We offer a wide range of water filters for domestic and industrial water use. In addition, we also manufacture domestic water purifier spare parts like RO Booster pumps, PP Spun Meltblown Filters, Inline, Alkaline water purifiers, etc. Our focus extends to water filtration in domestic and industrial water industries. Also, with the aim to fulfill domestic water requirements, In 2019, Fastrack launched its state of the art Water Purifiers for domestic use under the brand name "ILIV", giving the domestic water purifier market a new generation water purifier.


The Group ventured into Pharmaceuticals under the brand name Abaris Healthcare in 2005. Owing to its stringent hygiene checks and world-class quality, it got a license to manufacture IV fluids. This prestigious license is a testament to our facility meeting several quality parameters. The Group aims to translate the benefits of this expertise into its other ventures as well.


The Group diversified into manufacturing of HDPE Woven Fabric in 2012 with a production capacity of 40000 metric tonnes per year.


In an era full of over-promising and under delivering, our goal is to provide the world transparent, sustainable, state of the art solutions that work alongside its fast paced lifestyle. To enable the consumer to make informed, conscious and responsible choices easily.


To build a future where neither the planet compromises, nor you.


Sandeep Taneja is the Founder and CEO of iLiv Alkaline Water Purifiers. With the intention of finding path-breaking solutions to the water crisis of the world, he has committed his entrepreneurial energy towards creating products that provide sustainable water solutions.


Founder & CEO


Thank you for choosing an iLiv Alkaline Water Purifier. You have indeed made a smarter, more thoughtful choice.

As we are all aware, our planet is 71% water of which only 2.5% is actually drinkable. We at iLIV have resolved to get you water in its purest form while utilising every-single-drop of this miracle we are fortunate to receive.

Ever since the idea of iLiv came into existence, we have spent countless hours trying to create something that will make a difference in this world. The machine that’s in front of you has been created with several modifications from the time we started developing it. We wanted for it to reach a point where it became self sustaining. We are glad to say that the result has been more than promising. The journey has been magical.

Our machines are a labor of love and this machine is a testament to the fact that a thirst for innovation and the intention of making a difference can bring us closer to reversing the water scarcity problem that we currently face. We hope that this endeavour can start a revolution that the water industry deserves.

We know that together we can make the world a happier and a more sustainable place.

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