Hands down the best alkaline water purifier for your home

iLiv a stylish, responsible alternative to ordinary alkaline water purifiers.

iLIV is more than just an alkaline water purification machine. It is the confluence of the best ideas from the world of water treatment, combined in one stunning unit to give you balanced, clean water that is fortified with minerals and full of life. iLIV blends the benefits of an RO, UV, UF & alkaline Water Purifiers with the qualities of a water ionizer, detoxifier and much more. It is a complete water system for your home on tap with zero wastage.

Sight for sore eyes

iLiv Alkaline Water Purifiers

There’s a lot more to water than just purification.The device you see is the finest product in the world of water treatment. We compiled the best of ideas, the smartest of features, and we put together into one product that does one simple thing- gives you water that is as nature intended it to be. Choose between the sleek iLIV Faucet and the compact iLIV Wall Mount.

Featuring ILiv Faucet


The state-of-the-art iLIV faucet, a unique under-the-counter system that is perfect for modern kitchens, where the only thing that’s visible is a sophisticated faucet that is the cynosure of all eyes. It purifies and balances your water, and dispenses it at the touch of a button.The Iliv faucet water system comes in two variants Reverse osmosis – RO+UV alkaline water purifier and Ultrafiltration – UF+UV water purifier.

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Featuring ILiv wall mounted


When a water system is this elegant, it sparks many a conversation. The iLIV wall mount is a compact water system that purifies, mineralises, and balances your water and more. It can be placed atop a counter or built into your kitchen. Moreover it comes in two robust variants Reverse osmosis – RO+UV alkaline water purifier and Ultrafiltration – UF+UV water purifier.

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Watch the ILIV magic unfold at
the comfort of your home.

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ILIV is a domestic use RO Alkaline water purifier. Iliv machines are designed keeping in mind the changing lifestyle of people and giving them the best water solution which can keep them healthy. Its not just a regular RO machine which depletes all the minerals from the water. Instead it lends a perfect PH level in water with all essential minerals. “not too high not too low” ranging between 7.5-9.5 pH which is best for a human body and that’s why we call it a “balanced alkaline water purifier”.
It just doesn’t stop here , iliv is an environmental friendly machine , all other RO systems waste 70% of water ,iliv SAVES every drop of water that is wasted . ILIV machines have become an ally for families in COVID times with its unique HEALTH CARING features. Iliv also provides BACTERIA – VIRUS FREE fruits and vegetables to eat by detoxifying them through ozone gas with a built-in ozone generator. Along with this you also get HOT and COLD water on tap.

YES, iliv is proud to be a “MAKE IN INDIA” brand. Our parent company KNS group is a renowned organisation with 60 years of expertises in various sectors like pharmaceuticals , petrochemicals and technical textiles. iLIV is entirely manufactured in INDIA.

YES, iliv dispenses “ALKALINE WATER” within pH range of 7.5-9.5

ILIV has 2 variants – OTC (Over The Counter ) with 3 different colours and UTC (Under The counter) with 2 different colours.

NO, iliv is not an ionizer , it gives you fixed PH between 7.5-9.5 including minerals , negative ORP and Hydrogen in water through its ALL NATURAL MINERAL cartridge.

ILIV dispenses boiling hot water upto 90 degrees with the touch of a button. NO, the temperature can not be set or controlled. however, You can see the hot water temprature on the touch panel.

ILIV machines comes with built-in TDS meter that constantly show the TDS of water that you are drinking.

ITS one of the best feature, It kills all the BACTERIA and VIRUSES from fruits and vegetables through ozone gas generated through built-in ozone generator.

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