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2020 is the year of the kitchen

2020 is the year of the kitchen


Kitchens are having a real moment. Once a dull, functional space that was solidly hidden behind a tightly shut door, the kitchen today is really the heart of a home. Fragrant with the sweet aromas of banana bread and whipped coffee, the modern kitchen has experienced an evolution like no other during 2020.

As people spend more time at home, they’re also spending more time in their kitchens – cooking, baking, working, or just hanging out. It makes perfect sense, then, for kitchens to become beautiful, comfortable spaces where creativity thrives. Polished surfaces, clutter-free counters, and appliances that are as beautiful as they are practical – that’s the contemporary kitchen we see today.

The change isn’t just at the surface, though. The kitchen revolution has been accompanied by growing awareness about healthy, and balanced lifestyles. Whether it is a conscious effort towards spending more time with one’s family, and less with one’s phone, or a balanced diet with the correct mix of whole grains and superfoods, the kitchen is at the centre of the conversation.

To complement these balanced meals, discerning consumers are also seeking healthier, more wholesome water. While RO-processed water from traditional water purifiers is clean, it also lacks vital minerals and a proper alkaline balance. A viable alternative to this “deadened” water is iLiv, a water system that offers clean, balanced alkaline water that supports immunity, and does so without wasting any water. Exquisitely designed and multifunctional, iLiv not only looks great, but also does away with a lot of countertop clutter with its built-in detoxifying, heating, and cooling functions, making it the perfect fit for a modern kitchen.

Smart speakers such as Alexa are also being moved to the kitchen now – when they’re not recording shopping lists or offering reminders, they’re being used for specially-curated playlists to cook, clean, or dance to. With all the time one’s spending in the kitchen, this is only natural.

In the near future, we see the kitchens donning the aura of convenience- while accommodating the vibe of luxury felt in one’s culinary space. We see people revamping their kitchen’s comfort with a de-cluttered, and well-set counter space. Kitchen seating is also seeing a rise with furniture that speaks the language of warmth and relief. Many people are breaking the old while opting for large French windows to shed natural light on the space that is always on their mind.

All in all, 2020 has made the kitchen a gorgeous highlight and we are glad to see it shaping up like this.

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