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6 Ways to Stay Hydrated During Vacations

6 Ways to Stay Hydrated During Vacations


Vacations are a beautiful way to get away. With the travel industry opening up safe and novel options to calm your travel cravings, there is one important thing we all tend to miss out on as soon as we bid goodbye to routine land: having enough water!

In this blog, we have added some helpful points to keep you well-hydrated during your travels- while also being a conscious traveler.

Read on to learn 6 ways to stay hydrated even while travelling.


Testing Earth’s Water

If one digs deep into the world of water, there are a million things to uncover. You’ll get natural water in the form of mineral-rich springs in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas. The ocean might not give us drinkable water, but is filled with limitless hues of this precious resource, which is in turn used for plentiful reasons.

However, out of the 97% of the water bodies that make up the Earth only 3% of these natural water sources are fit for human consumption. How do you make sure you’re having enough and the best quality of this 3% of the Earth’s surface, especially now that you’re back to travelling again?

Staying Hydrated: Why is it a necessity

As much as vacay is about fun and adventure, it is also synonymous with thirst and exhaustion. Constant movement, direct sun exposure, exhausting treks, dust, and sweat get the better of you while travelling. Having water often will protect your body against heat stroke, skin damage, sunburns, and frequent tiredness.

While we all have our water systems back home, it’s impossible to carry them along when we decide to travel. Bottled water is the most natural way to stay hydrated during vacations, although many of us tend to ignore our thirsty calls in place of the vacay platters.

Here are some ways to make sure you stay hydrated and energetic in the most natural way and make the most of your holidays.

Carry your Own Bottle

Getting lazy about one’s water bottle is an old vacation story. Most of us also have a habit of leaving the bottle in the hopes that someone else will carry it for us. This leads to multiple rounds of water buying, which only adds to the ever-growing plastic waste around us.

Make it a point to fill your bottle before leaving for the market, the trek, or the beach shack, and sense how it helps you reduce unnecessary plastic consumption.

Take a Refill at Restaurants

Most of the cafes and restaurants will fill your bottle for you if you ask them to. Having a Bisleri or Kinley bottle placed on every table might be the new norm, but while you’re on an adventurous vacation, it makes more sense to keep getting refills at every stop to keep your baggage light and the space litter-free.

Keep the Alarms Going

Set up an alarm for your water break every other hour. Have a glass of water each hour to stay active throughout the day and enjoy your vacations to the fullest.

Use Natural Sources where possible

Keeping your bottle handy is a great way to refill water during treks or long journeys. Streams of freshwater abound in the form of rivers, natural springs, and streams spurting through rocks. Not only is this water completely clean and natural for consumption, it is filled with ample minerals that are great for your health.

Consume Water-Rich Foods

The appetizing platters, desserts, and savories feel larger on a vacation. While you should keep your choices as vast as your vacay mood, don’t forget to add in the fruit chaats, natural juices, and salads once in a while.

Stay at a Property with Water-Purifiers

Choose to stay at a guest house or property pre-installed with a water purifier. This will help fill your water bottles with clean water every time you step out. Most of the travellers now are preferring home stays, or Air BnBs to plan longer vacays- now called staycations, and all of them come with pre-installed everyday furniture.

Just like being an eco-friendly traveller is important, we at iLiv make sure we are a green and eco-friendly water system. Our water purifiers ensure zero-wastage where each drop of water is used to keep you hydrated in the right way. Our balanced, alkaline water undergoes rigorous quality checks with a 10-stage purification process to provide you with water that betters your life.

Staying hydrated is essential, especially on a vacation when you’re donning the hat of an explorer. What could be better than using these ways to be a smart and eco-friendly traveler? Let us know other ways you ensure your health while on vacation. Bon voyage!

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