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One search on alkaline water would lead you to an alkaline rabbit hole- stirring two-sided cups of its benefits and overtly high claims. Ionisers, alkaline water machines, and alkaline hydrogen ionizers are just a few innovations that make understanding this water all the more complex.

With talks on its fuzzy nature taking the front seat with doctors ridding claims of how it prevents cancer, boosts energy, and strengthens bones- we aren’t here to tell you otherwise. It is known how too much alkalinity, or for that matter acidity is not good for the body.

Consuming high-pH alkaline water on a daily basis causes alkalosis while also retarding the secretion of enough acids for the body to function. On the other hand, consuming a diet high in acid topped up with imbalanced water causes issues like acidity, acid reflux/GERD and more.

The only solution that could be devised by us was, well, a balance.


Before understanding the water that’s best for us, it is essential to understand how the human body actually works. As humans, we have a natural way of balancing out the ingredients we let into our systems. As there is a constant shift between the acidity and alkalinity in the body- the body has a natural way of levelling out the acid-base levels with the help of the stomach and the pancreas. It is built to balance out everything we eat or consume to suit its system, and in turn functioning.

Although, what causes a problem is when there is a serious imbalance which pauses life for a while. This happens when there isn’t optimum nutrition, an excessively sedentary lifestyle, or the body’s inability to absorb food well.


With a majority of us leading sedentary lifestyles around processed or quick hacks for food, we are in the midst of continuous imbalance. We might not realise it right away until the morning after when we wake up with a terrible pain in the stomach, weak knees and wonder of its source.

Also, the effects of pollution that has been clouding our spaces since a while cannot be ignored. To face this and the fast-paced lifestyle, we resort to making mindful choices in terms of our food, water, and lifestyles.


Now that we know our body, and the lifestyle we have shaped for ourselves- why is there a need to understand alkaline water?

To begin with, alkaline water has a pH above 7. It can be naturally alkaline (for example, spring water with its share of minerals), or it is ionized to make it that way.

Most of the methods to turn it alkaline involve the electrolysis of ionized water. In this process, an electric current is passed through water which separates the molecules into acidic and alkaline ions. The acidic ions are extracted, leaving behind more alkaline water, which is further enhanced by adding alkaline compounds such as minerals and salts.


Before understanding iLIV’s balanced water, it is essential to understand a singularly striking quality of water. It has the ability to absorb all that it comes across- like a blank sheet imbibing all that it passes.

As is known by all of us, consuming too much of anything isn’t good for health. The same principle was applied while working on the iLIV water system. It was built to provide water with a pH that is just right, and is neither too alkaline nor too acidic- or should we say just as Goldilocks would like.

Once the iLIV water system is installed in one’s kitchen, the pH of the machine begins from a range of 10 and gradually drops to a minimum of 8 so that your body has a balance of both acidity and alkalinity.

Having overly acidic, or overly plain water doesn’t provide your body with all the nutrients that are required to let it live to its highest potential.

The filtration process of the iLIV water system is through a seven-inch cartridge which is an important step in letting the filtered water absorb essential nutrients.

The water, after following its due filtration reaches just the right balance, not too much and not too less.


When one makes the switch to alkaline water, it is a new change for the body. As its pH level is higher, the body requires a higher dose to actually feel this change in the water that is being consumed. Once the higher dose is administered, it drops to a balanced pH that is just right for your body- as the body requires enough acids to function well. With the iLIV water system, your body gets the balance of both- while helping you reach a balance of good health, while being able to absorb the right nutrients to live to its fullest.

Another interesting thing to know about iLIV is that it purifies, and adds nutrients to your system while not wasting a single drop, letting you enjoy clean water with a clean conscience. To know more about the iLIV system, book a demo here.

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