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Acid reflux and all you need to know about it

Acid reflux and all you need to know about it


While it is a pretty common occurrence, the irritation felt while experiencing acid reflux can’t be stated well enough. But that shouldn’t make one lose hope with the list of habits that can be inculcated to avoid going through it again.

To understand them better, let’s peek into how the human body actually functions.

The human body is a mix of acidic and basic. While the pH of the blood is slightly alkaline, the organ which is responsible for breaking down one’s nutrition to create energy is highly acidic.

The stomach has a pH value of around 1.5 to 3.5 to carry out digestive functions, and kill germs for a healthy gut.

While the body is made of specific pH levels which have a natural way of balancing themselves, it still is extremely important to maintain the same with the right balance of ‘everything’ we consume- right from the first glass of water in the morning to the last morsel consumed at night.

One more fun thing to note is how a jump of just one pH level on the scale actually adds to 10 times the difference. For example, a pH of 9 is 10 times more alkaline than a pH of 8.

Revisiting the sensation of having someone sit on your throat and how to stop it, it is important to understand the cause responsible for the same.

The feeling of acid reflux or a continuous burpy and bloated sensation happens when the acid from the stomach flows back into the food pipe or the oesophagus. It may feel similar to experiencing heartburn and bags the name GERD if it occurs more than twice a week. This sensation can also be coupled with issues of indigestion and burning pain in the lower chest area.

The causes of acid reflux are wide-ranging, though the primary cause is mostly associated with one’s diet. In case the diet is healthy, wealthy and wise, make sure to check the timings of your consumption. Healthy nutrition begins early and ends early.

Some habits that tend to increase chances of acid reflux are:

Too much caffeine
Over intake of alcohol
Over consuming table salt
A diet which is low in fibre
Eating large meals with not enough break for digestion
Lying down or sleeping within 2 hours of eating a meal- bye-bye afternoon naps
Frequent consumption of chocolates, carbonated drinks, and acidic juices
As the stomach is naturally acidic and has a lining to protect it, one doesn’t feel anything in the stomach when on acid reflux. As for the throat, it doesn’t have any lining to protect itself from such juices- thus the heartburning lump sensation.

The first thing one can do is take an antacid which is easily available in drugstores. If that doesn’t have much of an effect, eno is the go-to choice. These two are great for short-term relief, although the list below acts as a long-term relief of sorts.

Choose your milk

The chase for better health needs a proper plan as well. Alkaline-rich foods aid in balancing the acidic feeling- which is on the rise with our habits and lifestyles. With milk being a primary source of indigestion for many, it helps to opt for milk sourced from plants or nuts. Almond milk, for example, has an alkaline composition and neutralizes stomach acidity and in turn acid reflux.

Most of the dairy products reproduced from animals can lead to this feeling, so try to opt for milk which contains less fat and does not demand heavy digestion.

Choose your water
Water is another element that requires proper thought to keep one’s life healthy and balanced. The pH of most water is neutral within a range of 7. Opting for balanced alkaline water and pairing it with one’s meals helps to neutralize an acidic-heavy diet. Although, one must be conscious of the amount of water they consume in a day, according to their body’s activity level and requirements. Having too much water in one go can cause mineral disbalance, which can increase the likelihood of acid reflux.

Other things that are easy to implement and help reduce the chances of acid reflux are:

Starting the day with a good breakfast

If you keep your body without food for too long, it begins to secrete acids. This habit of staying hungry for too long can also lead to overeating when you finally have the first meal of the day.

Be conscious of when you have your meals
Our lifestyles might make it seem impossible but by adding gradual changes to one’s day, it is possible to have your meals every three hours. Also, be sure to sleep only after a gap of three hours post your last meal.

Reduce your intake of spicy and fried foods
While having your food on time is important, so is choosing to eat what is good for you. Having too many spices and fried items is only going to increase the gas developed in your body and so many other factors that are bad for health.

Keep the head of your bed elevated
Gravity never fails to teach us. Keeping one’s bed head elevated keeps the acid from reaching the esophagus.

All in all, acid reflux is something no one would like to go through. To avoid experiencing it, take a step in adding balance to everything you do- from the choice of food, the level of exercise, or the kind of water reaching your system.

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