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Does Lemon Water Help in Weight Loss?

Does Lemon Water Help in Weight Loss?


Lemon for hangovers, lemon for clear skin, lemon for weight loss- a holy grail of this refreshing fruit has been following us around for a while. Starting one’s day with a glass of lemon and honey water has helped many people ‘cut fat’ and get closer to their ideal shape. Apart from the extensive list of weight-related lemony benefits, it is also endowed with a high dose of Vitamin C which makes it a great antioxidant. Although how much of reality is present in these claims gives one food for thought.

To dig deeper into this lemony world and how it helps weight loss, let’s unearth some refreshing facts:


In comparison to the high-calories which make up most of the popular aerated drinks, milkshakes, and hot chocolates- lemon water, be it ice cold or hot is a low-calorie drink. Most of us find it really hard to give up on our favourite drinks, but having one which is just as refreshing with hardly any calories does help make the switch.


If one tells you to give up anything you love in a single day, you are bound to go back to it as soon as you think of leaving it. Making sudden changes is hard- adding slight, gradual changes to one’s habits makes change possible. Switching to lemonade in place of a glass of coke might not be super quick, but would gradually help you ditch that bottle of sugar altogether.


Though there are a few people who are water babies and can consume bottles within hours, there are also some who find its taste bland, and uninviting. Enhancing your water’s flavour with lemon, or any other citrus fruit pulls one to have more of it, thus helping one stay hydrated. Strawberry slices, cucumber, or watermelon are some other flavors that greatly enhance your water, especially during the scorching summer months.


Alkaline water within a pH of 10 is said to be endowed with great benefits. Be it for better immunity, a better digestive system or a better nutrient absorption rate, consuming alkaline water enhances one’s health. When lemon is added to plain water, it makes it more alkaline.

As for adding lemon to water that is already alkaline, the potential of both of these agents is magnified as alkaline water enhances the antioxidant activity of Vitamin C present in lemon. Also, when lemon is mixed in alkaline water, the water helps neutralize some of the acidity that is present in the lemon juice, turning it into a palatable drink.

Many times, it’s hard to gauge the difference between hunger and thirst pangs which leads to unhealthy snacking, and an increase in body weight. Consuming 8 glasses of water a day is still a task for many, which is an important habit to keep your body active. Adding lemon to water will make you want to drink more of it while making you stay away from thinking that you’re hungry when you’re really not.


  • Lemon improves metabolism as having a glass as soon as you wake up activates calorie burn
  • You tend to burn more energy when you consume more water, even while you’re at rest
  • Having enough liquids/water keeps you satiated, thus curbing the urge to eat
  • Lemon may aid digestion due to its antioxidant properties
  • It is made up of good acids that help the body absorb more nutrients


While pressing half a lemon juice to your water is the easiest way, here are some more ways of improving your hydration while giving your body ample benefits.

Mint Kiwi lemonade– Deeply steep lemon, tangy kiwi pulp and fresh mint and store it in the refrigerator

Turmeric lemonade– Half a lemon mixed in water,with mint leaves, and a sprinkling of turmeric

Green tea with lemon– Hot green tea with two lemon slices on top

All in all, lemon is a great ingredient. Adding it to your diet is surely going to add to a healthier life- if you combine it with optimum exercise, frequent walks, and a healthy diet. Like all things, nothing comes as a magic potion with effects that can be witnessed on the first day. Consistency in everything is key, and following it will help you reach the place you were aiming for.

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