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Festive Season Strategies: How to Avoid The Snacking Syndrome

Festive Season Strategies: How to Avoid The Snacking Syndrome


October brings with it cool mornings and the scent of the festive season. It also heralds the start of months of parties and entertaining, which inevitably leads to a buffet of unhealthy-yet-irresistible snacks, without which festivals feel incomplete. While it is impossible to resist temptation entirely, it is possible to find a balance between indulging in your favourite treats and maintaining healthy habits.

Fun fact – you can trick your tummy into thinking it’s full by drinking water, which will make it easier to politely decline those fried mushrooms. Sip a few glasses of water through the evening to keep yourself from bingeing, and also to help you stay well hydrated. Water naturally boosts your metabolism and helps you digest the occasional heavy meal.

You needn’t deny yourself every delicious snack that you’re offered, but you can choose wisely to make sure what you eat is a healthful choice. Pick snacks which are rich in protein, like cottage cheese, mushrooms, cheese, or lean meats. These will keep you feeling satiated for longer, and so you are less likely to reach for that bowl of chips or that tray of ladoos.

The way you eat is bound to affect your cravings. If you remember the rule of chewing at least 32 times before you swallow, you allow your brain more time to process the fact that you are eating, and will likely feel full faster. The more you chew, the better it is for your body as it breaks down your food, aids in digestion and provides you with just enough energy to pass the day without the need for extra helpings.

You might want to lie in after a late night out, but exercise is a very important component of a balanced lifestyle. Instead of reaching for your phone as soon as you wake up, go for a quick jog in the morning breeze. If a jog is too much, opt for a brisk walk. Just remember to stick to your exercise routine to help your body naturally process the rich food you’re eating.

The Japanese have a nifty little trick for portion control – by serving food in smaller plates, they trick their brains into thinking that they are consuming larger servings! This is an especially useful tactic when you’re faced with a limitless variety of delicacies, as is customary at festive events. The next time you are at one, try reaching for a salad plate rather than a dinner plate, and see how quickly you’ll feel ready to put it down!

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