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How many glasses of water should I drink in a day?

How many glasses of water should I drink in a day?


The world is made of a billion people with multiple lifestyles and preferences. Can there be a one-size-fits-all for the water consumed every day?

To understand this better, let’s revisit the life of a normal person- a person who probably forgets that bottle of water as soon as they step out. Most of us have lived days where we mistake our thirst for hunger- all the while making our bodies more dehydrated than they already are.

So, how much water is really enough?

As the case of research suggests, the 8 by 8 rule is quite popular and easy to follow. Aiming for eight glasses of water during the day doesn’t really sound like a tough job. Though even that is cut loose in the face of busy days, appointments, or overstretched Netflix series.

With the multitude of options at our disposal, people tend to ignore the most basic and the most important drink on Earth.

Though coming to the topic at hand, how much water is really enough?


Is the 8 by 8 rule enough or does your body require more or less water?

The amount of water one must consume through the day depends on a host of factors ranging from body weight, lifestyle, workout routines, and more. If there was a calculator to measure daily routine, maybe we would have a water calculator. as well

Though what works best is having water as your routine and body demands- in little sips through the day.


To dive deeper into fixing one’s water intake, here is a quick list to understand if your body is getting dehydrated or has had enough for the day.

More exercise, more water

Our body needs a mix of nutrition and supplements to function well, where water is definitely top priority. Post or pre-workout, muscles require their share of food and oxygen to activate and heal, while soaking in an adequate amount of energy. Missing out on grabbing your bottle of water is a sure shot welcome to cramps, a frequent discomfort felt by most people who workout without sipping enough water.

Health status

Suffice to say, in case you’re suffering from a fever or are frequently visiting the loo, your body ‘requires’ more water. ORS or glucose prescriptions to level up one’s water and mineral intake is universally recommended, a quality which is at the heart of iLiv’s water system.

Diet chart

Diet is another aspect to study one’s water intake. If your diet is rich in greens and fruits, there is additional water intake from these sources, which is great! Though, for the ones whose diet is intermittent or dry, having more water is essential to keep the body hydrated and capable of ample digestion.

Though of course, adding in the optimum amount of fruits and greens is key to balancing the art of hydrated nutrition.


While checklists for a defined number of glasses is fun, so is building your own system. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you keep having water, while not mistaking your thirst for something else, or worse- ignoring it.

Don’t force gulp: make it a sipping habit

Habits stay best when they’re imbibed gradually, and realistically. Having water by your side is the first step to reaching your water balance.

Add it to your routine

What works best is inventing your own water game. Some fun examples could be a yawn, random cravings, or long conversations being your cue to having a glass.

Own a bottle and carry it everywhere

This is probably the obstacle being faced by one and all. Many times we reach out for the bottle of Coke or juice as it quickly calms our thirst, even though it never does. Having a bottle of water by your side is a reminder to keep having small sips in place of the sugar powdered doses.

Infusing water

Learning from the previous tip, our taste buds are highly active crave dens. To keep them satiated while staying hydrated, just infuse your bottle of water with your favorite ingredients- cucumber, strawberries, or refreshing limes. Identify the flavour of your liking and sip away.

Don’t give in to challenges

Inventing challenges is a great way to get things done, but when it comes to food and water it’s best to stay away. As these challenges don’t go on for a lifetime, they do more harm than good as your body isn’t going to get enough of what you gave it during the challenge.

It’s best to slowly add water to your life rather than setting water challenges. All in all, there cannot be a one-size-fits-all. Water intake is dependent on many things, and it is best to consume as much of it every hour to keep your body hydrated and healthy.

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