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How to set up a brilliant kitchen with limited space

How to set up a brilliant kitchen with limited space


Small flats are man’s cosiest creation, even though they require more thought to set up optimally. If you are a magnet for the ‘everything kitchen’, a small space is a real challenge. Setting up a utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space is necessary, yet difficult.

Here are some things that can be done to make your kitchen space appear bigger, more organized, and more inviting than it originally appeared.

  • Pegs– Hang your favourite mugs on pegs to add a pop of colour to your kitchen space while also saving cabinet space. An eclectic collection of mugs is sure to be a conversation starter too!


Hoarding is but every cuisiner’s second nature, but if you want to make equipment accessible with clean cooking space, it is important to ace the minimalist’s art. Depending on your tastes, pick the options that suit you best.

  • Pot racks- Use your space wisely, while adding a rustic vibe. Keep your most-used utensils within reach, and arrange them in a way that is easy on the eyes.
  • High shelves– Choosing open shelves in place of inaccessible cabinets give your kitchen a sense of openness, making it feel larger. Also, with all your shelves on display, you’re less likely to accumulate clutter.
  • Drawers inside your cabinets– Drawers are great for organizing things and making them more accessible – you’d rather pull out a low drawer than have to squat on the floor to pull things out from a low shelf! If you don’t have built-in drawers, hack the idea with some smart storage boxes, cottage-core baskets, or vintage wine crates.

While being a minimalist has a host of benefits, it is also important to consider the importance of defining a prep area. A dedicated prepping area is essential for cutting, chopping, and mise en place, so keep your kitchen slab free of unnecessary items. An uncluttered counter can also double up as a space for a cozy breakfast or coffee with a peaceful morning read. If your kitchen has limited counter space, you can consider adding a floating table that doubles as a kitchen island.


Plants make everything better, and having plants in your kitchen adds beauty and warmth. Consider growing a few of your own herbs on your windowsill – not only will they look great, but adding fresh, homegrown herbs to your cooking will elevate every meal.


The right lighting can open up a space and transform it entirely. Invest in lighting that is functional but also spotlights your cooking space. Library or LED light strips below cabinets and shelves brightens up the counter space, and looks very chic.


Furniture is a choice that can make or break your kitchen. Invest in floating carts, foldable chairs, and round tables as they occupy less space. Choose light colours that help your kitchen appear brighter and bigger.


Having too many appliances that serve a similar purpose is only going to clutter your kitchen. Invest in high-quality small appliances that serve multiple purposes. For example, instead of having fridge bottles, kettles, ionizers, and water purifiers taking up kitchen space, invest in the iLIV water system, a compact, multifunctional kitchen essential that does the work of all these things and more.

Use these tips to create a kitchen that may be small on space, but is big on style.

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