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Is alkaline water good for Weight Loss?

Is alkaline water good for Weight Loss?


Are you struggling to lose weight in spite of a healthy diet plan and regular physical activity? Well, your water intake might be the problem. Drinking plenty of water (at least 2 liters), especially before meals, helps you lose weight. And if the water is alkaline, the benefits turn manifold. This is because alkaline water increases satiety and boosts your metabolic rate, which ultimately increases the number of calories you burn on a daily basis.

Read on to know how alkaline water helps you lose weight and how you can include it in your lifestyle.

Alkaline Water vs. Normal Water

Alkaline water is slowly gaining momentum, with more and more fitness enthusiasts adopting it. It improves digestion, weight loss and hydrates better than regular water. It's different from normal water because it's less acidic, with a pH level from 7.4 to 9.5. It also contains essential electrolytes and minerals, which help your body.

How Alkaline Water Helps you Lose weight?

  1. It increases your metabolism : Metabolism is a biochemical process that decides the rate at which your body uses calories and fats that you consume. More is the metabolic rate, the faster you are able to burn calories and lose weight. Alkaline water, either from natural springs or from your water purifier, contains minerals that increase nutrient absorption from the food particles, thus helping increase metabolism.

  2. It helps you keep track of your cravings : Cravings for processed sugar and high energy carbs are not new, and however, these are the worst enemies of your weight loss journey. Sometimes, you are not even hungry but thirsty, but reach out to snacks to satiate your cravings out of habit. Keeping alkaline water close by during the day helps you keep this unhealthy habit in check, as it will make your stomach feel fuller for a longer period of time.

  3. Improves your digestive health : Alkaline water keeps microbiomes, i.e., bacteria and archaea residing in your stomach, healthy and also helps your stool remain consistent, keeping your overall digestive system healthy. Better gut health automatically means that you are able to consume a regular healthy diet without having to worry about digestive diseases or unnecessary food cravings.

  4. Improves Muscle function and enables faster recovery : Your body needs an ample amount of alkaline water for faster recovery and weight loss, especially after that grueling gym session or athletic workout. Minerals present in the water help you re-energize, recover, and relax, and it also helps with better performance and muscle growth the next time you walk into the gym.

  5. Improves your Immune System : Due to its slightly basic nature, alkaline water neutralizes excess acids in the body and reduces oxidation-reduction potential. This results in neutralizing these toxic acidic compounds and flushing them out of the body and better quality oxygen-rich blood reaching your vital organs, thus bettering your immunity in the process.

How to Include Alkaline Water in your Diet to Lose Weight?

  1. Keep a reusable water bottle handy at all times, at work, park, gym, or even when you're simply relaxing at home.

  2. Set daily goals and consistent reminders to drink atleast 2 liters of water every day.

  3. Drink a glass of alkaline water before each meal.

  4. Replace unhealthy drinks like coke, soda, etc., with water. This will also keep your sugar intake in check.

  5. Get a water purifier at home that gives alkaline water throughout the day.

Where to Buy Best Alkaline Water Purifier for your Home?

Although there are plenty of water purifiers available in the market, iLiv Water Purifier dispenses clean, mineralized, and balanced alkaline water rich with essential minerals and nutrients. It gives you the benefits of RO, UV, UF, and alkaline water, all in a single machine.

It intelligently adjusts to the quality of water you get from the corporation and dispenses water of pH range 8.5-9.8. Also, its Aqua Reverse Technology recycles water that is discarded in the purification process, thus ensuring that none of it goes to waste; you can rest assured of a sustainable lifestyle.

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