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Know what it’s like to become a Master tea Brewer

Know what it’s like to become a Master tea Brewer


The morning beverage that smells of a fresh day is made best when one follows the instruction manual. This manual surely changes according to one’s preference while staying true to the original requirements- check boiling temperature, quantity, steep time, myths, facts and so much more that goes into brewing the perfect cup.

Just like the art of cooking, the art of making tea is as scientific as it comes and knowing some basic facts about what works best can go a long way in actually building yourself as the ultimate tea connoisseur.

To begin with, let’s look at the different ways one can make tea- different from the traditionally followed single-vessel quickie we all are aware of.


For the perfect infusion of flavors

Investing in a tea ball infuser is a great way to welcome limitless tea flavours. An infuser has this charming quality of soaking in the tea leaves while spreading its flavour across.

Teas like chamomile, oolong, and some varieties of black tea are made best with an infuser. Its function is similar to a tea bag, wherein you dip it in hot water and pull out once steeped, while enjoying a flavourful cup.


Not limited to coffee lovers

The French press might be known as a coffee device, but it’s great for making delicious cups of tea. Though, there is a slight chance of ending up with a strong flavour as the leaves never really leave the bottom of the press. That said, it is a boon for the ones who love a strong cup as soon as they wake up.


With beauty comes a whole lot of flavor

One can’t miss the cute little teapots seen in British films and series, though cuteness is not the only factor to look out for when picking one. Once you have your tea preference in place, it’s easy to pick the perfect tea pot.

A tea pot’s material makes it capable of retaining or bearing a certain temperature. Iron teapots are great for teas requiring a higher brewing time, while glass teapots are good for teas which require retaining heat like a green or a white- which we’ll get into later.

Tea is an interesting discovery and comes in a multitude of flavors. Just like its flavorful variety, every tea just can’t follow the same process.

An important element of pouring yourself a perfect cuppa’ is being aware of the temperature at which it simmers optimally, instead of killing its flavor by overboiling/heating.

Here is a list of a few popular teas and the temperature best suited for them.

Tea TypeIdeal Tea Steeping Temp.White Tea175 FGreen Tea175 FOolong195 FBlack Tea195-205 FMate208 FRooibos208 FOther Herbal208 F

Also, there is a fun fact not many people believe to be true. Many teas taste better when brewed before water reaches its boiling point.

Coming to the way tea is made best, here is a little bit about what makes your tea taste better, and not bitter.


Shining as a perfect solution for the times you want to make a switch from the morning milky tea or coffee, green tea has a short brewing time and is quick to make. A minute of brewing is all one needs to steep the flavour notes of the green tea, until it shares a resemblance with the yellow tone of olive oil.


Black tea comes in an eclectic variety, though most of them share the tale of long brews. The black tea leaves need more time to brew (2-3 minutes) to seep its flavour and taste until it resembles the color of maple syrup.


Quite a hit among its fan base, oolong tea has a sweet and fruity taste on the palette. When brewed it leaves a shade darker than green tea and is closer to the honey family. Unlike green tea, it requires a longer brewing time which is close to 3 minutes.


More of a seasonal demand, the herbal tea is like sipping health in a cup. Just like its benefits, its brewing time is way longer than the rest and is as long as 6 minutes. Once done, it leaves a cherry-red tone, while also serving as your perfect Insta story.


The art of mixing a variety of leaves, herbs, and spices to create one’s finest flavour requires a brewing time which is short and doesn’t simmer as hot.

While we’ve covered a whole bit about teas and how to brew them right, we can’t miss out on the most refreshing of them all: the ice tea.

Here is a quick fix for making ice tea through a perfectly brewed concoction of black tea.

  • Hot-brew This process requires a concentrated batch of hot tea which is poured over ice and refrigerated.

If you’re trying this method, make sure to add sugar or honey when the tea is still hot so that it dissolves completely.

  • Cold-brew This method is slightly longer and isn’t a great option if you’re super thirsty. All you need to do is place an infuser with black tea leaves in a container of cold water and let it sit in the refrigerator for 6-12 hours.

Agave or simple syrup is a good choice for the added sweetness in this method as there is no heating process to dissolve sugar better.

Tea has surely been one of the most beautiful discoveries. While there are a million teas out there with a variety of ways to prepare the perfect flavour, one cannot forget the importance of using the right water while making it. Make sure it’s pure, balanced and imbibed with all the essential minerals to let you soak in the simple, yet the most beautiful pleasure of life.

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