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Look out for the Top 5 Reusable water bottles of 2021

Look out for the Top 5 Reusable water bottles of 2021


If you’re in for saving the planet, reusable water bottles are a great start. Though the constant information overload can make the selection a tad bit difficult, making you wonder if your purchase is going to be used at all.

Having a bottle by one’s side keeps one hydrated while decreasing the load on the all-encompassing Earth. Though the real question is how do you go about selecting yours?

Here we have a few bottles segregated on the basis of likes, and lifestyles. You can have one for each space, playing the role of your hydration compass wherever you go.

Before getting into the options, here are a few ways reusable water bottles pump balance into one’s life:

They last years, deleting the concept of crushing off single-use plastic bottles which do no one any good
They aid one in staying hydrated, as you always have water by your side (provided you fill it up)
Some of these bottles are super stylish, which definitely adds to one’s water catalogue
They come in various colours, sizes, shapes, etc- giving you the option to pick one based on the way you like to have your water
If you travel often, are into fitness or like to live on the edge per se, this bottle is definitely a strong recommendation. The Tintbox Borosilicate glass bottle has a protective silicone sleeve to save you from the nightmare of leakage and breakage, though that isn’t a call for playing catch.

It looks uber cool, and comes in a size of 750 ml, which makes for a convenient and optimum fit for laptop, gym, or hiking bags.

It also comes with a wider mouth, which helps in larger sips when you’re super thirsty, while the double-click loading mechanism keeps the water safe inside.

Well, yes it does as it was created with a goal to balance user demand with the environment. As it uses the Borosilicate glass which is strong, yet light, temperature resistant and of the highest quality, you are bound to have it with you for a long time, while reducing any wastage. Its multipurpose convenience of filling both hot and cold water speaks of its utility and a simple, green life.

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Other durable bottles



Get a lot more at hardly any cost. If you’re looking for a bottle which keeps hot water hot and cold water cool for up to 6 hours, the LED temperature display bottle by Savlife is a good choice. Though quite a fresh addition, we really liked the display of the water temperature on the LED when the water touches the lid. It’s quite compact as well, and comes in a size of 500 ml. The smaller size might feel like frequent trips to your water system when you’re in for a long day but works perfectly well when you need to be some place for a fixed time, and prefer to sip bits of water.

It’s made of stainless steel, and looks quite stylish too. The LED battery stays put for two years, which is a perfect addition.

For the ones looking for consistent levels of water, this bottle might go deep inside your cabinet collection. Although, if your requirement is for a fixed number of glasses per day, this might just fit in right with you.

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Perfect for long journeys via car, trains or buses- this copper bottle scores brownie points. Though firstly, why are copper bottles used? They add the copper mineral to the water which is supposed to be great for health and digestion. This particular bottle is 1-litre large and works as a good choice for long trips.

In case you’re wary about the colour chipping off into the water, or are unsure about the pleasant nature of copper, there is a bit about its history. The history of man and copper in the form of drinking utensils is well known. Families which use copper vessels and cups for storing water, even until this day speak of the benefits of this material.

As a material, copper doesn’t do the environment any harm. It is especially used as a heat conductor, and is a perfect recycling material too. Some people go so far as to call it the greenest natural metal.

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A beauty to look at, the terracotta water bottle is designed to inspire a healthier lifestyle. As it’s made from non-toxic materials and is a stalwart for reviving the use of traditional earthenware, most of the eco-friendly enthusiasts would love to own it. It is made from clay, a porous material which keeps water naturally cool all day, and is great for quenching your thirst on a sweltering day.

The wooden lid and the sleek design of this particular terracotta bottle makes it a super stylish addition. With a capacity of 730 ml, it stores enough water to keep you satiated for a few hours.

Eco and environment friendly all the way. For us, the foremost benefit of these bottles is their handmade quality which aids employment. The use of natural clay makes it environmentally safe.

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Having a reusable water bottle is great, but so is keeping it clean. Cleaning each bottle once a week keeps it hygienic and ready for fresh use, leaving no traces of a lingering flavour of any kind. A thin brush works best for most bottles, although all bottles come with their set of instructions to keep them clean and safe for you as well as the environment.

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