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Say Hello to 2020’s Prickliest Trend: The Water-Sparing Succulent

Say Hello to 2020’s Prickliest Trend: The Water-Sparing Succulent


Succulents are not exactly a new trend but have gained popularity recently. Succulents are watered sparingly, which means they are somewhat low maintenance and don’t depend on water as much as other plants do – which means you’ll feel less guilty if you forget to water them, and you’ll also save water.

With all of us juggling household chores, work, and other pursuits within the same space now, there’s a higher-than-ever need to find an oasis of calm. Succulents fill this gap by surrounding us with greenery and clean oxygen while demanding (almost) nothing from us. Here are some succulents that look adorable and make you happy, just by sitting there on your windowsill.


A popular succulent which is easy to grow and requires the least amount of care. It is extremely forgiving to forgetful water-givers and is quite a popular sight inside home and office spaces. Its leaves have a swollen structure with a pale green colour. A desert plant, it requires watering just once a month. What needs considerable attention is the soil used in the potting process – it needs to be well-draining of a gritty or sandy texture, to avoid soaking and rotting the roots.


The Christmas Cactus is known to live on the branches of large trees. Judging from their placement, it’s easy to guess their love for dark, cool spots. They are largely shaded from the sun, but they do require a little bit of light. Unlike the Burro’s Tail, the Christmas Cactus needs to be watered once a week, and sparingly during the winter.


Aloe vera is an all-rounder – it has medicinal benefits, does wonders for your skin, adds a nice little kick to your morning cuppa, and looks lovely on your kitchen window too! Plus, this smart and multifunctional plant lets you know when it needs water – its plump, gel-filled leaves start to turn dry, signalling that it needs a drink. Until then, you can let it lounge on the windowsill and give it very little attention.


The most resistant and indestructible of all, the snake plant is the first choice for lazy gardeners. It can survive for weeks without light and water, with leaves that grow as straight as an arrow with markings or patterns resembling a snake’s. The best news for new gardeners about the snake plant is how it multiplies inside the pot. This makes for good practice for re-potting the fresh bloomers into different pots- while also adding more greenery to your space. As for watering them, it’s best to feed them when the soil on top is fully dry.

Whether you’re a new plant parent or a seasoned gardener, it’s always a good time to bring home a prickly new friend. Pick one from this list, or let us know if you have suggestions about water-saving plants for your home and garden.

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