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Taking Water seriously: The key to living a healthy life

Taking Water seriously: The key to living a healthy life


Water is always on our mind. From researching the number of glasses one must consume daily to scanning fancy bottles at departmental stores; water is a brand of its own.

Even after being so vital, we don’t take water seriously enough. We might be very particular about our brand of toothpaste or the fragrance on our skin, but water hasn’t reached that stage yet, for many of us.

The importance of water can’t be stated well enough, though the right question to ask is: are we having it right? Not to miss the convenience with which it should suit our busy lifestyles.

To tread this watery lane, let’s dig the well of options available to us in the water space.

There is not a single locality without the presence of bottled mineral water. Its easy availability in different brands, shapes and sizes has made it a feasible go-to option- especially for people who’ve just moved someplace or are travelling.

Considered healthy by a couple of promoters, it is also known as carbonated water due to the dissolved hydrogen gas and has a modest following.

As can be gauged from its name, alkaline water is less acidic with a higher ph level. It is considered healthy for its alkalinity with a host of health benefits.

Purifiers charm- or not- the counters and walls of most of the home and office spaces. They use the concept of reverse osmosis to purify water, though sapping water of its essential nutrients.

Apart from these, there are a plethora of drinking options available to all of us, and that’s great!

While some of us would opt for the purity of mineral water bottles, some would go for the convenience of RO purifying systems. Notwithstanding the benefits of purity and convenience, we can’t help but ignore the plastic drain from these very bottles followed by the lack of essential nutrients in the RO purifiers.

Also, while investing in the best form of water is essential for our immune system and general health, we can’t ignore the ways it helps in keeping our hospital bills in check.

A major part of our health is based on our diet, and of course, the water consumed. Even in terms of staying fit, doctors recommend an 80% more focus on the diet and 20% on exercise. What we feed our bodies makes choosing our water all the more important, and now, extremely urgent.

Choosing the right water not only keeps us healthy but saves upon future costs as the body is stronger than before, with a growing immunity to fight against any virus it faces. With the mounting hospital bills sitting at our bedsides, the least we can do is consume what is right, while gaining so much more in the process.

Every country’s health marks its growth. With a healthier population, more work is done, people are fitter, and have a higher scope of being employed.

This not only makes one’s food and water choices extremely important, but it also adds an undue resilience to the economy it is benefitting. As is known, consumer choices shape the economy and having enough and healthy water is bound to give it a good kick.

With the closing gap between water, health, economy and the environment looming over us, what is it that can be done to address them?

We, at iLiv came up with a solution to address the urgent task at hand of consuming water that is not just good- but the best for us. Compiled into a beautiful design, iLIV also adds a modern and sleek touch to the space it accommodates- making for a kitchen which is warmly appealing.

How does iLIV provide clean and balanced water?

The iLIV system is designed to provide pure alkaline water without disturbing the balance of nature. Its system is built to make sure not a single drop is wasted to restore nature’s ecological balance by returning every drop of unused water to the tank to be recycled.

Dispensing hot, cold or ambient water as the mood calls for- while adding to one’s refrigerator and counter space with no use for cold water bottles, or the hot water kettle at the counter.

iLIV also has a cleverly concealed ozone-powered detoxifier which helps rid fruits and veggies of germs, which is perfect to stay protected in the time of COVID-19.

Lastly, apart from decluttering one’s house space and providing clean water, iLiv restores and reintroduces minerals like sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium after cleansing water of impurities.

How we consume water and manage this precious resource is special to each one of us. Although, the way we decide to tread the waters is up to us and has a huge impact on saving ourselves as well as the environment.

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