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Drinks made of Magic to Cure a Hangover

Drinks made of Magic to Cure a Hangover

Hangovers are more common than the common cold- requiring emergency cures inside bedside drawers. While sleeping it off is the best way, it isn’t always easy to get enough of it. 

Why does one get a hangover?

Notwithstanding the happiness and inhibition-free power of alcohol, it is also a great diuretic. As a diuretic, it pulls all fluids and essential salts out of the system- disrupting everything good on the way. Even post a drinking session, the drink stays over, breaking it down several hours after.

While the breakdown happens, our bodies react to the change with throbbing headaches, sensations of throwing up and wanting the day to end as soon as possible.

Here are some drinks that will get you re-hydrated while helping reduce that throbbing headache.

Lime it up

An instant relief for many, lemon is the first thing which comes to mind. Be it lemonade, lemon tea or plain lime it has a superb quality of assimilating alcohol. Though it’s best to keep the sugar away.

Famously known as a detoxifier, lemon rids the stomach of unwanted materials- alcohol topping the list. It is also the answer to muscle aches which rise in level with excessive alcohol intake, while the vitamin C stabilises blood sugar levels. 

Quick recipe

2 tsp lime water in ½ a cup of water.

Nom-nom those eggs

For the ones who will turn a face listening to the mere eggo mention, don’t give up just yet. The egg yolk smoothie is one of the most effective ways to cure a hangover. When mixed with fresh fruits, it is one complete cure for a bad hangover.

Quick recipe

Prepare a smoothie with 2 egg yolks, ¼ cup cream, ½ cup raw milk, a banana and maybe some strawberries with a tbsp of honey. 

Vote for Beer nation

Surprisingly, a beer for a beer doesn’t make the whole world high. Beer is not considered an alcohol in many nations for its low alcohol percentage. As for curing hangovers, beer is a great source of magnesium and potassium- minerals which are required in high doses post a colonial hangover. Not to miss its gut cleaning property.

Quick recipe

Crack open a cold one.

The apple to my pie

You might want to reach out for an orange post-hangover though it is best to avoid it due to its high acidity. The body is already acidic post a hangover. 

The finest juice to cure a hangover is Adam’s true apple juice. It is gentle on the stomach and provides a hit of glucose, vitamin C and a full dose of hydration.

Quick recipe

A large glass of apple juice, sweetened with a little honey and balanced alkaline water.

Apart from juices, what gives an instant uplift is a fresh and crunchy fruit salad- apples and bananas in particular. For the people who want to throw up first thing they wake up, an apple is a great start. 

The Banana Shake

The banana shake balances the stomach in just the right way, while relaxing the tensed and tired nerves. It is a great choice to regain your lost potassium- which happens a lot if you’ve been constantly throwing up. 

Quick recipe

Mix a banana with a tablespoon of honey- no sugar and slurp it to regain all that you’ve lost.