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Exercising During Quarantine: Stay Home Workouts to Lift Your Mood

workout from home during the pandemic

Exercising During Quarantine: Stay Home Workouts to Lift Your Mood

Working out is probably the last thing on our mind right now. With the deja vu of 2020 staring at us with a frightening intensity, it is extremely difficult to lift oneself out of bed or the news screen.

As every step matters in these stressful times, moving has been giving many people a sense of balance. For the days when getting into those tights might also feel like an insurmountable task, we’ve come up with a list that should help you across the varying moods during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Why is it important to exercise during lockdown?

Working out does more good than we know of, and is not limited to burning calories. Along with the body, it keeps the mind in shape. 

You can try this out for yourself when you get up and move around- you welcome energy into your body. Soaking in energy is a primary need for many of us, to be able to face the next task and build a feel-good routine inside the house.

Be it a quick walk across your room, or a sprint to the balcony- lifting yourself up and moving your body relieves stress by a high margin. When coupled with the right water and the right diet, you’re giving yourself all that you need to feel better.


Balanced Diet During Lockdown

Working out, when coupled with a focus on what you drink and eat acts as a signal to your brain while releasing happy hormones. Investing time and thought into what you put into your body is also the gateway to your optimistic side and a balanced lockdown routine.

Exercise and a balanced diet are also essential to keep your immune system stronger to fight COVID-19. As soon as you start a run, a HIIT workout or a quick warm-up, you’re activating your cardiovascular system and flushing out toxins from your airways.

Coming to exercises to keep you motivated during the lockdown, we have segregated some tips according to your mood and strength of the day. 

Stay-Home exercises, No gym required

One thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is that we can stay fit wherever we are. Many people have transformed their spaces to personal home gyms or aced their strength with their body weight.


Calisthenics, one of the most powerful forms of exercise doesn’t require any equipment and majorly works on body weight. With History showing us how Ancient Greeks won wars based on the power of calisthenics, we can surely build enough strength for our mind to face these times.

First things first, make sure you don’t see the amount of time you’re putting into exercise but focus on its quality. Having quick, frequent exercise rounds does more good than a two-hour session where you constantly jump to your phone at every little ping.

Every workout must begin with a 5-minute stretch to get your body in motion, followed by a quick warm up. 

As workouts are majorly clubbed under cardio, strength training and flexibility- it makes sense to focus on the area you are feeling on a particular day. This also removes any scope of forcing yourself to complete that 1500-jump rope challenge, when your body actually requires deep stretches to open up your muscles. 

For the lazy days

Lockdown fatigue syndrome can be a recurring aspect due to the constant anxiousness and an unfocussed routine. 

Acing all of life within four walls can be stressful, and we have Zumba, Aerobics or even K-pop workouts for those days.  YouTube is a goldmine of fun workouts suitable for all tastes. 

Moving your body with the beats and the sound of music is surely going to make you forget your laziness while greatly enhancing your cardiovascular activity- a plus to build your breathing strength during COVID. 

For the busy days

Zoom marathons haven’t really seen the end yet, and when mixed with deadlines and washing dishes- you might see your workout taking a backseat. Bookmark the short yet effective 10-minute workouts for these days. These super intensive short workouts make you feel like a powerhouse of energy while not even eating up into your busy day. 

For the stiff days

Our postures might have added new aches and pains through the span of this year. Before these pains sit back in place, understand that your body requires specific exercises to stay mobile and healthy. Running and HIIT is taking care of one aspect of your health. When coupled by giving equal weightage to strength and flexibility, you’ll be giving your body an entire year’s worth of movement. 

To add to that, looking after your workout momentum will only be greater when you take care of your food and water choices. Water is a powerful drink that is responsible for lubricating the joints and carrying oxygen to the cells. As maintaining one’s oxygen levels is more than essential right now, staying hydrated with ample exercise is key. With the choices available to us to better our lives. give a look at how balanced, alkaline water enhances your body’s nutrient absorption capacity. You can know more about it out here. 

How to be consistent in working out?

This is probably one of the most stubborn thoughts when planning a Home workout routine. But just like everything, making it a part of your life will not only make it consistent, it will make a big difference.

  • Make a weekly workout plan where you focus on the area you want to work on
  • Add bookmarks of YouTube or Fitness videos for the next day to avoid wasting time on research
  • Reward yourself for acing a goal- order those tights you’ve been eyeing but felt were over the top
  • Make use of all the things around you to keep moving around 
  • Don’t focus on only ‘workout time’. Make sure to take enough walking breaks throughout the day

Turning Household Items into Workout Material

Many of us might be focussing on getting our essentials in order, instead of investing in an all-out mini gym. The good news is that there are many things at home that can be used as workout material, and enhance your workouts. 

A bag of flour- In place of a kettlebell

Grocery bags/Laundry detergent- For dumbbells

Water Pipe- For full-body stretches

Couch- For tricep dips, advanced mountain climbers and planks

Suitcase- For deadlifts

Curtain rod- For chest lifts

Backpack- As a weighted vest

Stairs- For cardio

Tennis ball- As a muscle relaxant or For self-massage

Everyday Home Exercises

To end with, here we have some drills with helpful and detailed resources to make you feel fitter and better than ever, and do not require any additional equipment.  


Body-weight Drills

For the lower body



Squat jumps

Lunge walks

Wall sit


Glute bridge

For the abdomen and upper body

Russian twist

Mountain climbers


Side planks

Shoulder taps

Suicide plank

Tricep dips


For the back

Superman Hold


Child pose

Plank leg ups

Hip rotation

For a quick cardio

Rope jump

House sprints


Step ups

How to begin?

Taking the first step might take a little time because of the sea of distractions. To maintain your routine, understand your body and schedule. 

At home, distractions can best be avoided by involving your family to join you in the workout. Although, this might backfire in case no one ends up doing anything.

Another great idea is to start early in the morning, which is going to be mentally rewarding as well. 

Why you must workout during Quarantine

With the constant change, having something to hold on to makes your mind stronger and lighter. Doing something which isn’t only about work or the news gives your mind and body a sign that things will get better while making you feel uplifted.

Working out also helps create a routine, which is essential to maintain during the lockdown. 

Bookmark this blog to get back to your workout schedule. What did you like best? Let us know in the comments below.