ILIV TREVI Plus - RO + UV + UF + COPPER + Alkaline Water Purifier

Making Balanced alkaline water accessible to all.

Product Description: The fountain of Health provides you Balanced Alkaline Water post a 9-Stage Purification process. With a pH level between pH 7.5-9, iLiv Trevi has all the features a family needs in the kitchen. The 3-IN-1 Faucet not just provides you Healthy, Balanced, Alkaline Water, but also provides you Hot & Normal Tap water.

Other features include Tank Empty Indication, Tank Full Indication & Auto Flush Indication. Welcome Balanced Health into your life.

Welcome Balanced health into your life!

Balanced Water With Optimum pH
Hydrogen Rich Water
Mineral Cartridge
7-IN-1 Mineral Cartridge
Normal Tap Water
10 Ltrs. Water Tank
10 Ltrs. Water Storage
10 Stages of Purification
11 Stages of Purification
Cold Water
Hot Water From Geyser
Temperature and TDS Display
100% Water Saving

₹ 34,990.00


₹ 34,990.00


₹ 34,990.00


Quantity :

Application Types: Wallmount/TABLE TOP

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Inbuilt pre-filter housing

Balanced, Alkaline Water with optimum pH

Hot & Normal Tap Water

Type pH+RO+UV+UF

Hydrostatic Tank Capacity : 10ltr

In the Box :

  • User manual , Installation Card, Warranty Card, Wrench 2pcs, Inlet water fittings, 6 meters of pipe & Teflon Tape.

Color : Stainless Steel, Matte Chrome, Matte Black

Power Consumption : 30W

Dimensions : Product Depth – 6”, Product Height – 14”, Product Width – 18”, Hole required for Trevi - 1.25'

  • Intelligent auto flush
  • 9 purification stages
  • 100% Water Savings
  • Tank Full indication
  • Tank Empty indication
  • Auto flush indication

Dimensions : Product Depth – 10”, Product Height – 16”, Product Width – 21”, Product Weight – 13kgs

  • An invoice must accompany product, returned for warranty.
  • Goods damaged during transit voids warranty.
  • 1 year limited warranty unless otherwise stated.
  • Warranty will lapse, if service and installation done from outside agency or not from the company.
  • Installation and service to be done by company’s official service engineer only and the request for the same to be done/raised on either at or on toll free number 1800 2121 00786.
  • 1 Year AMC (type – essential) is complimentary along with the machine.
  • All items carry MFG warranty only (limited to its use only as per terms and conditions mentioned).

  • 15 days’ money back guarantee: We offer you a No Questions Asked Return Policy, to provide you with a worry free shopping experience, when you choose to make a full payment for iliv water purifier. If you are unsatisfied with the item or by the promises made by company, you may conveniently return it, in its original packaging for a refund.
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  • Please attach a copy of RA form and clearly mark the box with RA number.
  • RA Part that is testing “NOT faulty” may incur a service fee of Rs. 500/- (including tax).
  • A copy of invoice is required. Without the invoice, the warranty process will be delayed.
  • If you received a damaged product, please contact or on toll free number 1800 2121 00786.

KNS group is a renowned business leader in the field of pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals since 1975 with a sharp focus on sustainable practices and wellness. iLIV has originated as a result of a deep sense of responsibility and consciousness towards conserving water that the parent group has harboured for decades. It's a 'MAKE IN INDIA' initiative that aims to sort out the RO related water crisis in the country.

  • Generic Name : Water Purifier
  • Country of Manufactucture : India
  • Material used : 100% Brass and steel
  • Technology : German

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iLIV offers a range of services to keep your device in optimum health. Our support executives will revert to you within 24 hours* for all concerns raised. We make sure you don’t go a day without balance.

  • Iliv extended promise (IMP)- Our annual maintenance service
  • Doorstep repair and maintenance service


  • External Housing
  • Spun Filter
  • CTO Block
  • Pre-Activated Carbon
  • RO Membrane
  • Alkaline
  • Negative ORP
  • Hydrogen
  • Minerals
  • UV


ILIV RO: uses reverse osmosis and 10 stage purification to purify water
ILIV UF: uses ultra filter action and 10 stage purification to purify water


Wall mount: Its an over the counter machine that can be mounted on the wall, placed on the counter or can be placed in an in-built cabinet.
Capacity: 8 ltrs

Faucet: it's an under the counter machine where the faucet is placed on top of the sink and the hydrostatic tank and the unit go under the sink in a cabinet
Capacity: 10 ltrs


ILIV reintroduces essential minerals in the water with the help of the 4 in 1 alkaline mineral cartridge raising the water pH to be between 10-8.5 lending it a favourable alkaline acid balance.


OTC- Purifiers that are placed over the counter
UTC- Purifiers that are placed under the counter


ILIV RO has 10 stage purification systems with a 4-in 1 alkaline cartridge that's not needed in the ULtra filter action machine. Thus the price differs.


AMC safeguards your water purifier against last minute paid repairs or and spare parts are offered on a discounted price, as well.


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