Automatic Water Softner


A water softener is a device or system designed to reduce the concentration of dissolved minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium ions, in hard water. They typically have several advanced features tailored to handle large quantities of water while ensuring efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. These plants are typically custom-designed based on your water treatment needs by an experienced team of application. We design water softner from 1000 litre per day to 100000 litre per day

Range available in FRP upto 60,000 liters


PPL 1200 Is Premium Quality Cation Resin. It Works Up To 1200ppm/ Hardness.

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10 Stages of Purification
High pressure Pump
2-in-1 Pre-Filter Cartridge
Boost Skin Health & Beauty
Intelligent Membrane Flushing
Flow Movement
10 Ltrs. Water Tank
Helps Maximize Physical Performance
Interactive LED Display
Water Pressure
Protected Storage (with UV Lamp)
Better Hair


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Application Types: Wallmount/TABLE TOP

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A water softener is a device used to remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions from hard water. Hard water contains high levels of these minerals, which can cause limescale buildup in pipes, appliances, and fixtures, reducing their efficiency and lifespan.Water softeners come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different household needs. Some are designed for whole-house systems, treating water for the entire home, while others are smaller, more portable units suitable for individual faucets or appliances.

  • Mineral Removal: Water softeners use a process called ion exchange to remove calcium, magnesium, and other ions that cause water hardness.
  • Scale Prevention: Hard water can cause scale buildup in pipes, appliances, and fixtures, leading to reduced efficiency and premature wear.
  • Increased Efficiency: Water-using appliances such as water heaters and dishwashers operate more efficiently with softened water.
  • Customization Options: Water softeners come in various sizes and configurations to suit different household needs, from small units for apartments to larger systems.
  • Regeneration Cycle: Smart technology is utilized to optimize regeneration cycles based on water usage patterns, ensuring efficient operation and minimizing salt and water consumption.
  • Monitoring and Control: Advanced water softeners may feature digital controls and monitoring systems that provide real-time data on water usage, salt levels, and system status, allowing for easier maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Softened water is gentler on the skin and hair, reducing the risk of dryness, itching, and irritation.
  • Water softeners prevent the accumulation of scale in household pipes, faucets, showerheads, and appliances like water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines.
  • Softened water reduces the formation of limescale on surfaces like shower floors and bathtub bottoms.
  • Softened water often feels smoother and gentler on the skin and hair compared to hard water.
  • Softened water requires less soap, shampoo, and detergent to achieve the same level of cleaning effectiveness as hard water.
  • Appliances like water heaters and boilers operate more efficiently with softened water, as they are not burdened by scale buildup.
  • Softened water creates more lather with soap and detergents, making cleaning tasks more effective.
  • Digital Control Valve: Automatic water softeners typically feature a digital control valve that regulates the flow of water through the system.
  • Regeneration Cycle Control: Advanced water softeners offer customizable regeneration cycle settings, allowing users to adjust the frequency and duration of regeneration cycles based on their specific water softening needs.
  • Water Usage Monitoring: Many automatic water softeners come equipped with sensors or meters that monitor water usage in real-time. This information is used to optimize regeneration cycles and ensure that the system operates efficiently without wasting water or salt.
  • Salt Level Monitoring: This allows the system to alert users when salt levels are low and need to be replenished, ensuring continuous operation and preventing downtime.
  • Touch Interface: This intuitive interface provides access to various settings and monitoring features, making it simple to adjust the system to meet specific requirements.
  • Automatic Bypass Valve: Some automatic water softeners are equipped with an automatic bypass valve that allows water to bypass the softening system during regeneration cycles or in case of system maintenance.
  • Tank Full indication
  • Tank Empty indication
  • Water inlet source indication
  • Water purifying indication
  • Service and PP filter indication
  • Auto flush indication
  • TDS Indication

Dimensions : Product Depth – 10”, Product Height – 16”, Product Width – 21”, Product Weight – 13kgs

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KNS group is a renowned business leader in the field of pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals since 1975 with a sharp focus on sustainable practices and wellness. iLIV has originated as a result of a deep sense of responsibility and consciousness towards conserving water that the parent group has harboured for decades. It's a 'MAKE IN INDIA' initiative that aims to sort out the RO related water crisis in the country.

  • Generic Name : Water Purifier
  • Country of Manufactucture : India
  • Material used : 100% Brass and steel
  • Technology : German

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iLIV offers a range of services to keep your device in optimum health. Our support executives will revert to you within 24 hours* for all concerns raised. We make sure you don’t go a day without balance.

  • Iliv extended promise (IMP)- Our annual maintenance service
  • Doorstep repair and maintenance service


  • External Housing
  • Spun Filter
  • CTO Block
  • Pre-Activated Carbon
  • RO Membrane
  • Alkaline
  • Negative ORP
  • Hydrogen
  • Minerals
  • UV


ILIV RO: uses reverse osmosis and 10 stage purification to purify water
ILIV UF: uses ultra filter action and 10 stage purification to purify water


Wall mount: Its an over the counter machine that can be mounted on the wall, placed on the counter or can be placed in an in-built cabinet.
Capacity: 8 ltrs

Faucet: it's an under the counter machine where the faucet is placed on top of the sink and the hydrostatic tank and the unit go under the sink in a cabinet
Capacity: 10 ltrs


ILIV reintroduces essential minerals in the water with the help of the 4 in 1 alkaline mineral cartridge raising the water pH to be between 10-8.5 lending it a favourable alkaline acid balance.


OTC- Purifiers that are placed over the counter
UTC- Purifiers that are placed under the counter


ILIV RO has 10 stage purification systems with a 4-in 1 alkaline cartridge that's not needed in the ULtra filter action machine. Thus the price differs.


AMC safeguards your water purifier against last minute paid repairs or and spare parts are offered on a discounted price, as well.


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